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Warranty conditions

We grant a 5 year manufacturer guarantee to private consumers from date of purchase on breaking or deformation of PUKY frames, handlebars and forks caused by production – or material defaults. The guarantee is excluded for commercial consumers such as kindergardens, nursery schools and day-care centres.
The guarantee is valid worldwide and for all PUKY vehicles.
The guarantee is restricted to the gratuitous repair or the free of charge delivery of an equivalent frame, fork or handlebar. The assembling or disassembling of these parts is not included. It is PUKY’s sole discretion if a repair or equivalent substitute will be effected. PUKY reserves the right to exchange parts againt the original colour design. The aforementioned performance does not prolongate or renew the guarantee. PUKY acquires the ownership of the exchanged or replaced parts.
The guarantee is transferrable and not personal but product-related. In order to activate the guarantee it is necessary for the private consumer to register within 4 weeks after date of purchase on (www.puky.de). After registration the private consumer will receive a guarantee number by e-mail. In case of resale of the PUKY vehicle the new private consumer needs to register once again with the original guarantee number and the original sales receipt on www.puky.de in order to maintain the activity of the guarantee for the remaining period.
Within the guarantee period the private consumer can assert his claim by presenting the guarantee number as well as the copy of his sales receipt to the PUKY retailer (see sales receipt). In case it is not possible for the private consumer (i.e. due to move, cessation of business etc.) the claim can also be asserted to PUKY directly. Freight cost arising by transmittal of the claimed product to PUKY are for the account of the private consumer.
The guarantee excludes damages due to normal wear and tear. Also this guarantee excludes damages due to improper or unnormal use such as negligence (missing care, service and maintenance), downfall, overload, manipulation of frame, fork or alteration and extension of additional components. The guarantee excludes the substitution of direct and indirect secondary damages.
All legal rights of the consumer remain uneffected. The guarantee is granted in addition to the legal rights of delivery of goods free of defects of the seller and does not limit the legal warranty rights.

* on frames, forks and handlebars

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