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Our tips for buying a bicycle


Sport bikes have caused substantial changes in the world of cycling in the past few years, and influenced many youth bikes with short frames, low seat heights, and especially "cool design". But many of these youth bikes are often still scaled down versions of large adult models and usually often do not meet the requirements of children's anatomy. The body proportions of children but also of adolescents differ significantly from those of an adult. As a result, a "scaled-down" adult bike is by no means an ideal children's bike, which can be easily mastered by children.

PUKY® takes a different approach

PUKY® bicycles have a well-thought-out frame geometry with a modern, contemporary look. Although this is based on the trends that adults appreciate, it guarantees an optimum consideration of the child's specific anatomy. In addition, PUKY® youth bikes have a maximum adjustment range for saddle and handlebars, which ensures a long service life, but still meets the child's ergonomic requirements and guarantees optimal usability and controllability of the vehicle. The comprehensive safety equipment was designed so that children accept it and find it easy to handle.


The more experienced and confident children become in handling their bicycles, the easier they find it to control gears on their bicycle. They find it easiest to learn how to use a smooth-running hub gear with 3 or 7 gears. The so-called derailleur gears with 21 or even more gears are a bit more difficult to operate. This type of gear, however, is rather recommended for children that have the strength to use these gear elements, which are somewhat more difficult to operate, without problems.

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