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Tips how to buy tricycles


A PUKY® tricycle is designed for both children and parents - through play, children learn how to coordinate several simultaneous actions (pedalling, steering and brakes), and how to move independently over small distances. Parents have access to a means of transport that children like to use, which can be comfortably pushed with a push bar if the children run out of energy.

PUKY® tricycles are well designed to the last detail:

A lower centre of gravity and a wide rear axle ensure maximum stability. Many models have a freewheel function that can be switched off, which enables the direct transfer of power to the axle and allows children to learn how to pedal independently. On the other hand, the tricycle can be pushed without the pedals turning when the freewheel function is reactivated. Small children in particular sit very safely and comfortably on their tricycle with the optional tricycle belt and/or the tricycle footrest from the PUKY range of accessories. The extra long push bar makes it possible for persons of nearly any height to comfortably push the tricycle. The steplessly adjustable seat ensures long usability and a good seating position even after the next growth spurt. The steering angle limiter integrated in most models and the switchable handlebar lock make it much easier to push the tricycle with the push bar, because children can no longer pull the handlebar off course. Child-friendly design. A high resale value is assured, not only because of the high-quality workmanship and well-thought-out components, but also the long-term spare parts service.

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