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Motion makes clever!

Today more than ever the PUKY philosophy which has involved over sixty years is most relevant. Due to evolving life styles many children lack physical activity. From baby to pupil PUKY accompanies children from early mobility to independant practice for road traffic with vehicles which train self-confidence as well as physical skills and are fun.
Motion makes clever and conveys the development of your child in a unique way. In each age training of certain movements comes along with the development of intellectual and social abilities. Simply support your child in their impulse for motion and share in his or her happiness about the progress he or she makes almost automatically. PUKY will support you!

Age chart

Age chart

Phase 1

Children these days want to be active and to extend themselves. Simple movements – for example pushing up from the ground will lead to more advanced movements whilst having fun.

Phase 2

Playfully discover the world with parents and other children and develop the brain in conjunction with having fun. Your child can move and train the co-ordination of arms and legs or the equilibrium sense.

Phase 3

Children are getting more and more creative and play different roles when playing with other children. They can expand their physical capacity whilst exploring with more independence and confidence.

Phase 4

Why, wherefore, how come? Children explore the world, think analytically and learn how to solve problems. As they have learned the all important motion sequences they can act more independently and already move in road traffic.

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